Wednesday, August 22, 2007

3D Pictures On Your Pocket

TOKYO – Technology to get 3D picture now will easily and simple. Mobile Phones company on Japan is developing to get 3D picture and distributes to friend easily.

Japan's company Hitachi Ltd at the moment prepare 3D picture recorder device with hope can be adoption on mobile device such as telephone. This gadget will use stereoscopes optical, and just has weight 1 Kg.

“This device is so small and easy to bring it,” researcher said to Hitachi Research Laboratory Rieko Otsuka (22/8/2007).

Rieko Otsuka give a sample, so great this 3D recorded device. Just a second a teacher show the ability of device about lesson at museum.

Otsuka hope at later time this device can applicate. “We'll see that the technology can applicate for cell phone, until people will see 3D picture only open their handset,” Otsuka said.
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