Thursday, August 30, 2007

LG Release KS20 HSDPA Cell Phone

LG KS20 Cell Phone
Other News about cell phone from LG. LG release new cell phone called KS20 and it is capable of downloading mobile content at a blazing speed, support built-in for HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Package Access). If you want to see it action, be sure to attend forthcoming IFA 2007 event in early this September, The company promises to showcase this baby at their booth there. Some of LG KS20 cell phone features are include an integrated 2 megapixel of camera module, Bluetooth connectivity supports, integrated audio/video playback capability, pre-installed Windows Mobile 6 operating system, and a 2.8-inch touchscreen display.

LG KS20 HSDPA cell phone is scheduled to launch in Europe by the end of the year. No words on pricing at the moment.
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Nokia Release N81 Cell Phone

Nokia N81
Nokia officially announced their New N-Series handset today, its called “Nokia N81″ cell phone. This “multimedia-computer”, scheduled market is to Europe and Asia in the fourth quarter and to US at end of October, featured with 2.4-inch 16M colors display, built-in FM radio tuner, music player (File support MP3, AAC/AAC+/eAAC+, WMA, M4A), and pre-installed RealPlayer app for full-screen video playback, also integrated with 2 megapixel of video recording capability. Besides, the cell phone it is equipped with two side-mounted speakers, a 3.5mm headphone ack, and dedicated game controls.

This cell phone connectivities support are, Bluetooth 2.0 and 802.11b/g WiFI. A2DP bluetooth stereo function is included. The operating system is using the latest Symbian operating system, that allowing users to take advantage of the OS wonderful capabilities, such as Push Email technology, SMTP/IMAP/POP3, Nokia Mobile Search, and Nokia Maps. Nokia fans can also download music directly from Nokia Music Store, as well as download games from Nokia N-Gage Service.

This cell phone will available with two variants, first 8GB onboard memory and a microSD media card slot (up to 4GB supported). The price is about $599 and $499.
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LG Shine Signature Cell Phone in Korea

LG Shine Signature cell phone is available in Korea market at this time. LG's previously showcased this handset during 3GSM 2007 event. Along with shine-like-a-mirror feature, supported Bluetooth connectivity, with 1.3 megapixel camera, and you can play your multimedia file by mulimedia player on that. One special thing about this cell phone is you can also allowed to customise engrave anything on the back of the phone.

Are you Korean people? this phone is only available on korea market, ha ha no i'm joke. Don’t worry, the company is said to work on an international version of the phone already. Just wait and see.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sony SZ6 / TZ20 VAIO laptop adding WWAN capabilities

Sony's laptop SZ6- and TZ20-series, recently announced that select models in both lineups will boast integrated WWAN capability. Dubbed everywair, and able HSDPA highway. For Additionally, the SIM card will be inserted directly into the laptop and the included VAIO Smart Network software. That make simple to manage connections. Current models must hum along at a maximum of 3.6Mbps, and firmware should upgrade will boost that figure to 7.2Mbps. That can if service is available.
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Daewoo releases portable DVD and iPod dock rocks DivX

Daewoo release their new DPC-8099PD-I portable DVD and iPod player on Friday at IFA. This device is for a portable DVD player with full iPod integration and 8" (inch) LCD. Specifications are include integrated stereo speakers and headphone jack, supporting DVD/VCD/CD and CD-R/RW, MP3, JPG and DivX formats, and USB and multi-format external memory card reader. But no information about pricing.
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Monday, August 27, 2007

"Robot Land" on Korea

Robot South Korea are industrials city which will begin the robotics industry. Their project is called "Robot Land" won't be all work an no play, with exhibition halls and, even a stadium for robot competitions was planned in addition to the usual research centers and homes for manufacturers and parts suppliers. According to, south korea government committee will pick the site for the city this November, with construction then set to get underway sometime in 2009 (with the help of more than a few robot workers no doubt). While complete details on funding won't be announced until after the site is chosen, it'll apparently cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 billion won (or roughly $530 million), 50 billion won of which is expected to come from the government.
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Dell launched OptiPlex 755 desktop

Dell OptiPlex 755 Desktop
Dell has launched OptiPlex 755. The Efficient energy commercial desktop, the system touts Energy Star 4.0 compliance and an Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) "Gold" rating. Additionally, the 755 can be snapped up with Intel's newly-unveiled Core 2 Duo with vPro technology, a 256MB ATI Radeon HD 2400 graphics card, up to 8GB of RAM, and your choice of mini-tower, desktop, or small form factor enclosure. This product priced about $642.

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Desk Aquarium - Stationary Place

Desk Aquarium
Desk Aquarium is combine relaxing mini aquarium with real working desktop organizer. Desk Aquarium is support built-in illuminated lights that will active upon placing stationaries toold into the organizer or other way is simple just touch the aquarium. When activate, you can enjoy the fishes swimming happily inside.

With 5.25 x 4.625 x 4.375", it is retailed to the store for only $15. Oh, you also need 2 AA batteries to power it up.
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cooming soon, Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T200 and DSC-T70 Digital Cameras to U.S. Market

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T200 and DSC-T70 Digital Cameras
Two new Sony digital cameras Cyber-Shot brand will released Sony in U.S market. The cameras are Cyber-Shot DSC-T200 and DSC-T70 models. These two compact digital cameras boasts a new “Smile Shutter” mode along with wide and large touchscreen display. Other Features include are face detection AF, enhanced autofocus performance, and support up to 3200 ISO sensitivity. No more information about the price.
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Netgear introduce SPH200W WiFi phone with Skype Feature

Netgear SPH200W WiFi Skype phone will launch. Sporting 802.11b/g compatibility, about four hours of talk time (or 48 hours in standby), with WEP / WPA / WPA2 support, and the ability to take and make Skype calls wherever there's an open WiFi signal, SPH200W also allows you to manage up to 500 contacts and touts a built-in speakerphone. No information about the price.

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The clone of Gameboy Micro PMP

The clone of GMB Micro , yeah sure, produced by Chinese. The BMP-900 as this device is mechanically called, all kinds of exciting PMP activities are include, for example playback of MP3, WMA, WAV, and PCM audio, MPEG4 and AVI, BMP, GIF and JPG picture viewer, plus e-book and TXT reading. With Additionally the red devil does some video game emulator, including Famicom, Gameboy, and Gameboy Color. At the moment the player is only available in China, in 100-199 pieces production.
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Mitsubishi's Product, LVP-HC6000 Full HD Projector

Mitsubishi - This company will release “LVP-HC6000″, the newest full HD home theater projector, in Japan market. With 19dB, an 0.74-inch LCDs, a 160W of UHE lamp for dynamic contrast up to 12,000:1. The LVP-HC6000 projector also incorporated 10bit Reon VX processor from Silicon Optix. Anyway Mitsubishi will release LVP-HC6000 at end of September. No Information about the price
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Friday, August 24, 2007

Chocolate Calculator fuse to be Chocolator

That sounds like Calculator make from chocolate. But its only design. Deutsch, Frankfurt, on Lifestyle 2007 Event the name is show, 5.5 Designers showcased a unique chocolate calculator. The product is called “Chocolator”, are now from what this product made?
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UFO Series - Samsung Cell Phone

Samsung UFO is newest series of HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Package Access) cell phones. It is a “Unidentified Flying Objects” ? no, you wrong, but, UFO's samsung means “Unimaginable Fast speed Oh!” which refers to the handset’s high-speed HSDPA. UFO support connectivity up to 7.2Mbps. Right now, there are three phones on UFO series: SGH-U700, SCH-W300 and SPH-W3000. Features are integrated 2 megapixel camera module, Bluetooth connectivity, microSD card slot, and TV out port. No more information about price, but its also cool gadget, isn't?
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Windows XP Production will end on 31 January 2008

The proper OEM license offer of Windows XP ends with 08 year 1 end of the month, also production of XP loading PC with the manufacturer ends.

Again Microsoft 22nd of August, when it ends on 2008 January 31st, announced the proper OEM license offer of Windows XP. From Windows Vista sale it hits 1 years, later it means that also production of XP loading PC ends at the same day.

 It offers the DSP edition which can be purchased at the PC part store and the like, to January 31st of 09.

 End to November of last year where for the enterprise of XP as for volume license offer, for the enterprise of Vista sale starts already. But with investigation of the investigation company, as for the worldwide share of Vista 3% vis-a-vis not passing strongly, as for XP being a difference preponderantly 87% as still is the present condition. The needs to XP which operates lightly even with cheap PC are deep-rooted.

 The support period which can procure the security correction program of XP gratuitously to 2014 April. At the beginning, the support of XP Home Edition and Media Center Edition was schedule to April of 09, but it receives the demand where the Japanese market is strong, as Professional there are the details which are extended to the same period.
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Sony's Cyber-shot T200 & T70

Look at the picture, the clean isn't?, with touch-screen grubbing pleasures. We won't bother covering all the specs again. The quality of snap is about you, how you'll look that. The DSC-T200 and its DSC-T70 will launch in September for $400 and $300, start tomorrow.
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Finger Drums, the miniature drum kit

Has you see a miniature drum kit. Now you'll see “Finger Drums”, Finger Drums is a miniature of Drum kit which we can played this music equipment only using your fingers. Simply touch the drum with your finger and it will light up and generate a beat. The music equipment comes with lights, sounds, record, and playback functionalities.

The Finger Drums priced at $24,99 (battery includes), the Finger Drums is pre-loaded with several pre-recorded beats as well.

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3D Pictures On Your Pocket

TOKYO – Technology to get 3D picture now will easily and simple. Mobile Phones company on Japan is developing to get 3D picture and distributes to friend easily.

Japan's company Hitachi Ltd at the moment prepare 3D picture recorder device with hope can be adoption on mobile device such as telephone. This gadget will use stereoscopes optical, and just has weight 1 Kg.

“This device is so small and easy to bring it,” researcher said to Hitachi Research Laboratory Rieko Otsuka (22/8/2007).

Rieko Otsuka give a sample, so great this 3D recorded device. Just a second a teacher show the ability of device about lesson at museum.

Otsuka hope at later time this device can applicate. “We'll see that the technology can applicate for cell phone, until people will see 3D picture only open their handset,” Otsuka said.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Canon's Digital Camera : Canon Powershot SX100 IS

Canon Powershot SX100 IS
No more information about this Digital Camera, But it has measures 108.7 x 46.7 x 71.4mm and weighs 265 grams, Canon’s Powershot SX100 IS sporty Digital Camera featured with 8 megapixel CCD sensor, 10x zoom optical, DIGIC III engine, up to ISO 1600 sensitivity, MJPEG videos support, and SDHC media card slot. The price is about $350.

USB Rechargeable Batteries

USB Rechargeable Batteries
Technology is always dependability, new innovation comes everytime, such as USB Rechargeable Batteries. The battery is NiMH 1300mAh AA cell batteries comes with its own built-in USB charger, it allows you to easily rechage the energy simply by plugging it into your computer’s USB. You don’t need waiting for a long time until it is fully charged. Only a few minutes. You'll not hate more when you have to replace the batteries everytime the power run off.

USB Rechargeable Batteries can be purchased online through GadgetGoodies for only $17,99
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Toshiba Portege R500 Laptop

Toshiba Portege R500 Laptop
After Update Satellite L40, Toshiba Korea also unleashed the 12.1" Portege R500 laptop. Featured Weighs only 1.06kg, this all-in-one notebook sporty PC with mini motherboard (20 grams) and dual-sided component mounting by utilizing the company’s proprietary High Density Mounting Technology process. Besides, it features an Intel ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) processor, up to 12.5 hours of battery life, and a 7mm Super Multi DVD burner. The retail price is set at 2,498,000 (KRW).

Toshiba Portege R500 Laptop
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Toshiba Release Satellite L40 Laptop

Toshiba Satellite L40 Laptop

Recently Toshiba updated its Satellite series laptop’s by releasing the new “Satellite L40″. Featured with 14.1" (1280×800), and has price about 790,000 (KRW), with processor Intel Celeron M440 (1.86GHz) processor, Memory 512MB of 667MHz DDR2 RAM, with storage 80GB of SATA hard drive, an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950 VGA, also with DVD Combo, and 6-cell battery. Measures 357 x 269.5 x 28.8 ~ 36.5mm and weighs 2.75kg, the laptop is has many variety of connectivity connectivity options is that WiFI, Bluetooth, 56K modem and preloaded with Windows Vista Home Basic edition operating system.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Toshiba's REGZA Z3500 series

Toshiba's 11 new HDTVs. The collection of REGZA Z3500 series 37", 42", 46", 52" and 57" LCDs. That interesting. Featured 120Hz / 10-bit IPS panel with 3x HDMI (1080/60p and 24p) supporting x.v.Color / DeepColor, 2x Firewire, and a whopping 3x Ethernet jacks for surfing the web (internet browser built-in) or streaming DLNA and DTCP-IP media from Tosh's own, Qosmio PCs, VARDIA recorders, NAS server, and more and more. Also supports a few disks off the included 2x USB jacks and instant DVR. This cool LCD's Prices tag start at $3,123 and ¥950,000 ($8,242) for 57" (inches).
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Canon G-Series : Canon's Powershot G9

One again from Canon Digital Camera, at this moment it's their top-o-the-line G-series, PowerShot G9 compact shooter. This Digital Camera was featured 12.1 megapixels (1/1.7-inch CCD), 6 times optical zoom, optical image stabilization, a DIGIC III image processor, optical viewfinder and 3" LCD, Canon's Advanced Face Detection wares, ISO 1600 max sensitivity, 23 shooting modes (including manual), SD/SDHC media support, and even a RAW image mode to pretend you're a pro. And it's also compatible with optional wide-angle, telephoto, and macro supplementary lenses, EOS Speedlite flashes, and Canon's waterproof cases. This Digital Camera will launched on stores early October.

Will prices about $500. New Cool Shooter is Coming Soon.
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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Panasonic FX55 Digicam (Digital Camera)

Similar with Camcoder, Panasonic also publish that latest 8.1 megapixel digicam, Lumix FX55, will hit the Japan market after last August. This compact digicam will featured with handy face dection AF functionalities, upt o ISO 6400 sensitive and Auto Power LCD mode. Capacity of Memory 27MB of onboard storage and have external storage via MMC and SD/SDHC media card. This Digital Camera will Priced $395, Lumix FX55 will be available in three innovation, silver, black, and pink colorized.
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Panasonic DC-SD7 will release on September

Panasonic DC-SD7 High-Vision Digital Camcorder, will release in Japan market early September this year. Panasonic no tell more information about this device. Little information about the camcorder is weighs 280 grams and designed sporty, with CCD HD adoption. So please be patient to enjoy this camcorder
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Technology for Yogis, Meditation everywhere

Good news for yogis around the world, because recently the concept for yogis technology has created by Hui-Zong Chen. He describes a snassy yoga mat. The concept is allows you to relax your inner being and place yourself in all sorts of awkward positions, but the technology also anables you to partake in yoga class remotely thanks to the built-in display. Besides that the tube / mat case packs set of speakers and flash-based music player, and featured with WiFi Antenna for anyone view streaming video somewhere. But surely we not exactly know how much meditation could actually ensue with all these enticing distractions around. But soundly is nice to try.
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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Virgin Releases LG Aloha

Virgin Mobile USA has launching LG Aloha. The Cell phone which first handset from LG has featured the pre-paid Virgin Mobile service in the US. This cell phone's weighs is 2.7 ounces and dimension is 3.5 x 1.9 x 0.9", the handset features support 199 personal contacts which five numbers, three email address and one website url per contact, and also up to 180 minutes talk time. And will pre-loaded with two mini-games, ZooZoo Club and Battle Reversi. This cell phone's price tag is about $34.99.
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New Lotus from IBM, challenging Microsoft

ATLANTA - International Business Machine (IBM), the second biggest software vendor vendor on the world was introduced new version of Lotus, the new version of lotus is for keep their email users corporate in order that not move to Microsoft.

Lotus Notes 8 is start market with tag price $101/user, while server version is $1,431/computer processor. This program can manage message, calendar and contact information on PC Corporate. Besides, the software also can configure application, able to user to integrate calendar with messaging, map and other Social Networking program. This new product can helping IBM to keep their customer for email corporate markets, which at in last year can improved IBM's sale until $2,47 Billion.

IBM has lose their position on email corporate markets since Microsoft launched their product "Microsoft Outlook". Microsoft outlook make into this company as biggest software vendor.

"IBM has dally two years just for upgrade Lotus Notes, all at once testing directly that product with involve 30.000 companies around the world" Mike Rhodin said, The General Manager of Lotus software, as distributed by Bloomberg, Saturday (18/8/2007).

The Lotus Notes, according to Rhodin, can run on all operating system, not like Outlook which only can runs on Windows operating system.

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UNI - New Inovation, Expandable Computer Concept

UNI is a innovative modern computer concept. The concept is designed by Richard Choi. In UNI, every importart functional part of the PC was separated and broke up into several modules. If you want to upgrading computer, you must to do buy the required modules and plug them near existing modules. The designer, Richard Choi has also named each module with an easy to name that all people understand with that name. For example, the “THINK” module is as changes for processor. And the “STORE” module is the hard drive.

UNI allow digital signals to be transferred via normal household powerlines at 200Mbps. That mean UNI takes advantage of the Network HomePlug and wireless USB technologies. The Wireless USB also have different connectivity, the wireless USB have 480Mbps data transfer rate.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Helio Launching Fin Cell Phone

“Fin” the name of cell phone from Helio. At only 11.4mm thick the handset looks slim and sexy. But, the features inside are not “slim” as well. The cell phone comes with a 3 mega pixels camera module, 100MB of internal storage with microSD media card slot (up to 4GB supported) for additional place to keep your media files, built-in music playback, and stereo Bluetooth support. Fin also has onboard GPS module with support for Garmin Mobile Navigation. By that users also can subscribe to this service only $2.99 / day.

The prices of Helio Fin Cell Phone about $175.

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QWERTY Slider - Samsung Blast SGH-T729

Blast, that's code given for this Cellular Phone. This Samsung Cellular Phone has the especial excess that is the existence of QWERTY keyboard, so that consumer earn easily to do the data entry in the form of text , like SMS and also e-mail comfortably.

Samsung Blast(SGH-T729) Spesification:

- Network : GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, GPRS/EDGE Class10
- Size : 105.7 x 51.8 x 12.7 mm
- Weight : 79.4 g
- Screen : 2.1 TFT, 176 x 220 pixels, 256K colors
- Camera : 1.3 MP with video capture
- Message Feature : SMS, MMS, E-mail(IMAP4, POP3, SMTP), AOL, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN Live
- Connection : Blutooth Class 2.0 + EDR, A2DP, USB, SynchML DS/DM-FOTA, WAP Browser
- Memory : 11 MB, microSD cards (up to 2GB)
- Sound : 64-tones, MP3 Player, speakerphone, voice dial, voice independent recognition
- Other feature : Alarm clock, calculator, calendar, notes, built-in, and downloadable games

Bluetooth SpeakerPhone - Motorola ROKR T505

Once again from motorola, A bluetooth speakerphonecalled ROKR T505. This Device is destined for use in car, and can conduct the voice coming from Cellular Phone or its multimedia player. ROKR T505 also support AD2P profile , FM Radio, T505 can hold out untill 20 hours.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fujitsu U810 Mini Notebook PC - The Small Notebook

Fujitsu update their product portfolio with the new small notebook PC. This Machine called U810. U810 has Weighs at just 1.5-pounds, the compact machine can compete with other Fujitsu’s laptops which have bigger dimension. It caused Fujitsu loaded U810 with a hell lotta goodies, including webcam module, biometric fingerprint reader, media card keyboard light, and touchscreen display with stylus. On inside, there are 1GB of Memory, a 40GB HD, and battery can up to 5.5 hours between full charge. This Laptop is supports Bluetooth, WiFI, and Wireless WAN for connectivity. Pre-loaded Windows Vista Home Premium or XP Tablet Edition operating system
This laptop scheduled to ship on 18 September. And prices $999.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mobile Gadget Releases i-gotU GPS USB tracker

i-gotU GPS USB tracker is navigator device produced by Mobile Action, of Taiwan cooperation. This new GPS-enabled is enable you to get information about geotag altogether photo loacation, to organize and present 3D-geographic information on Google Earth. Not just that, this device also compatible with all digital and cell phone cameras, caused that this device have epithet “coolest GPS tracking gadget for your journey”.
i-gotU GPS tracker also can working with 3rd Party GPS's Software also can to be GPS Bluethooth receiver for PDA and your cell phone

Specifications are :

  • Built-in SiRF StarIII low power chipset
  • Built in GPS patch antenna
  • Built-in 230mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • Two LEDs for tracking and battery/charger status indication
  • USB 1.1 interface for PC connection
  • Dimensions: 47 x 29 x 12mm
  • Weight: 21g
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Mouse Computer - NEXTGEAR-NOTE M700

Mouse Computer unleashed new laptop is that “NEXTGEAR-NOTE M700″. This laptop recently introduced in Japan market, the gaming laptop is powered with Intel Core 2 Extreme X7800 processor, a 160GB of SATA HD, and a pre-installed Windows Vista Ultimate Edition operating system. This laptop features are wireless connectivity capability via Wireless WiFI Link 4965AGN chipset thus giving this 17-inch machine more mobile functionalities. The suggested price is $3,080.
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HP Korea unleashed Compaq Presario B1200 Laptop

Korea - HP unleashed Presario sub-brand, the “Compaq Presario B1200″ series. This laptop has three different configurations with other series. First, the price of this Laptop is 1,000,000 (KRW), using Intel Core 2 Duo processor and features a SuperMulti 8x DVD burner with Double Layer support, an Intel GMA X3100 VGA, and Windows Vista Business Edition operating system. It weighs 1.82kg and supports an optional 8-cell battery that lasts for up to 7 hours and 50 minutes.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

SH150, The newest LG's Cell Phone

One more again, the cell phone from Korea introduce their product, LG that at this year seize successful on this business, again to launch HSDPA newest cell phone, LG SH150 will stored in Korea in this week.

SH150 has many features, 7.2MBps HSDPA phone, surely is good to downloading file with size 40MB in 45 seconds, additionally LG SH150 also have DMB, e-dictionary, audio/video player, BlueTooth connectivity and more features on this cell phone, but you must be patient to get this Phone.
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LG LX160 Cell Phone - Sprint PCS Vision Services

As soon as possible Sprint will retailing LG LX160 cell phone. This cell phone's weighs are 2.72 ounces, Sprint’s Vision network is runs handset and sports a one-touch speakerphone voice-activated dialing, also dedicated text messaging key, and have Bluetooth connectivity. Although people not expect a high-end mobile device, but this phone are can adding as LG's Phone Serieas. The features are like below.

LG LX160 Cell Phone Features :
  • Sprint PCS Vision Services
  • Bluetooth
  • Built-in Speakerphone
  • Phone as Modem capable
  • Wireless Backup capable
  • Voice-Activated dialing for up to 30 entries
  • Voice memos up to 10 minutes
  • Internal phone book with capacity for 500 entries, each storing 5 numbers
  • Dimensions: 3.54” x 1.85” x 0.78”; 2.72 ounces
  • Main Display: 1.10” x 1.38” TFT (128 x 160 pixels)
  • External Display: 0.83” x 0.63” STN (96 x 64 pixels)
  • Standard Lithium (LiIon) battery: up to 3.5 hours continuous talk time
Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chip for Phone made by Hynix

SEOUL - Early next year Hynix is going to market smallest and fastest chip for using on phone device, the chip is has 1GB capacity.

The newest chip is able to processing data with 1,6 GBPS speed. Hynix try to be the biggest chip maker on the world on coming 10 year. This plan will do agresively pass through next-generation product investation.

The masive production for this chip will start on 2008. This chip will implemented on electronic mini device such as cellular phone and memory products.
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

New breakthrough, An Air Conditioned Tie - NecktieUSB

This is a brilliant idea to making An Air Conditioned Tie. The brilliant idea is come from Thanko. This system of device is placing a built-in air conditioning system inside a tie. Is a true Saviour for those unfortunate workers who have to work outdoor under hot weather. However, it’s not yet an ideal solution since “NecktieUSB”, the name of the innovative tie, requires power from your computer’s USB port. This USB device is look like a 140cm retractable USB cable (placed inside the tie) along with the fan right at the top of course.
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Asus release U3 Laptop

Asus will release U3 Laptop, the model is look like an elegant black piano-colored laptop with comfortable leather wrist rest. There is not more detail about this 13.3-inch notebook PC yet, but some of the revealed specs soundly yummy. Weighs at just $7.9, the features of mobile device are an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU built on top the new Intel Santa Rosa platform, Intel Turbo Memory technology that boosts the system overall perfomances, Intel GM965 chipset, up to 2GB of main memory, and a 128MB nVidia GeForce 8400M VGA. Moreover, it is equipped with a biometric fingerprint reader, TPM (Trust Platform Module) for enhanced security, and optional 3G connectivity and GPS capabilities. it's wonderful Notebook.

Rumours about this laptop is hit the store in September with a price tag about $2,000.
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Friday, August 10, 2007

GDrive - New File Storage By Google

The rumors over the storage service from Google called GDrive are true. GDrive Launched this morning, this service allows users with Google accounts to purchase added storage after the combined space from Google Picasa (1 GB) and GMail (2.8 GB) is filled. After Microsoft launched a new name for their storage service called Windows Skydrive, the announcement from the Picasa team on the Google blog .

The paid space services are impressive for the cost. The cost starting at $20 per year for 6 GB of storage, users can access almost 10 GB of space for their online account.

Google's Ryan Aquino said “As someone who tests Google products daily, I know that the simplest solution is often the one that works best,”. “In the case of online storage, whether it's a picture, a video or an email, you should just, well, be able to store it without having to worry about whether you've got enough space in each particular product. That's why the Picasa team is pleased to tell you that ,....., we'll be rolling out extra storage that you can purchase to use across several Google products.”

GMail uses Infinity+1 (a program from Google); which is their way of offering unlimited storage for email. Currently, GMail accounts allow 2887 MB of storage, and the counter on Google continues to rise. The new GDrive service is expected to function more for the Google Apps part of the hosted services in the future, but Google said that users could apply the space to E-mail for now. Along with the 6 GB option for $20, Google also offers 25GB for $75 annually, 100GB for $250, and 250GB for $500.

There are some questions as to why Google has offered this. While currently aimed at GMail and Picasa users, and later expected to address storage for Google Apps users, the new service isn’t really offering much value according to critics. “While this plan may be just peachy for hard core Google folks, those of us that use Gmail as a secondary account are left scratching our collective heads–especially if you use Yahoo,” said Larry Dignan reporter for ZD Net.

After ten years, Yahoo started offering unlimited email storage. However, they reserve the right to cancel accounts used purely for storage. Several technology watchers noted when Yahoo offered “unlimited storage” and Google offered Infinity+1 that the cost of storage had dropped. Do the new offerings for paid storage mean that the cost has risen again?

“As a customer I really don’t see the value. For $500 I could forgo the Google storage and buy one of those snazzy Seagate drives. At that price, I could also explore a service like Amazon’s S3. The benefit to both the Amazon and Seagate solutions: I wouldn’t be dependent on Google,” added Dignan.

The benefit for Google users, might appear over time, or maybe not. More information is under your account tab, after you login to Google.
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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Windows Vista Hotfixes

The hotfix pack released last week but Microsoft kept quiet, it appears that Microsoft does plan to make it the official base for the upcoming Windows Vista SP (Service Pack) 1, apparently slated for November.

“Performance and Reliability Pack" and "Compatibility and Reliability Pack" for Windows Vista, that are the hotfix called, weren’t allegedly supposed to be released for the public until Aug. 14, because of the thorough testing involved before their official debut.

However, beta-testers of Windows Server 2008 had tipped about their existence and one (or more) generous individual(s) even offered the hotfix pack for download last week.

Though they declined to comment on when legal Windows Vista owners will get it through the Automatic Update program, finally Microsoft decided to offer the software pack on one of its official Web-pages . Like operating system before Windows Vista, Now Microsoft requires validation of the operating system, using the Windows Genuine Advantage tool, before allowing the downloads. Microsoft confirmed that the updates are not beta releases, and the media speculated they will be available for the masses on Aug. 14, Microsoft’s last Patch Tuesday from this summer.

All updates are specifically designed for Windows Vista and do not replace existing patches or fixes, but, as usual, a computer restart is needed for them to be applied. None of the hotfixes addresses security issues.

"The computer stops responding or restarts unexpectedly when you play video games or perform desktop operations." the company said.

The long list of performance improvements includes patches for Windows Vista's resumption after sleep or hibernation, for a speed-boost at copying or moving large directories, for the prevention of some memory corruption problems, for bolstering the reliability of systems upgraded from XP to Vista and for increasing compatibility with video drivers.

The two packs' release notes said "These issues have been reported by customers using the Error Reporting service, product support or other means," . "Installing this update will improve the performance and responsiveness of some scenarios, and improves reliability of Windows Vista in a variety of scenarios."

T compatibility pack update weighs in at 2MB, while the performance pack update weighs in at 10MB.

Along with the Vista updates it seems details about a private beta of SP 3 for XP have also hit the Web, although the whole deal could very well be a fake. Service Pack 3 for Windows XP has long been believed to be planned for mid- to late-2007 release. It is basically going to be a collection of cumulative fixes and patches, IE 7, and .Net 3.0, although the full content is still an enigma.

Without further comments Microsoft says: "We're currently planning to deliver SP3 for Windows XP in the first half of CY2008. This date is preliminary, and we don't have any more details to share at this time."

The delay of SP3 for XP could be a consequence of the old operating system’s success on the market in detriment of Windows Vista, which has determined Microsoft to modify its forecasts for the new fiscal year. The Redmond behemoth, The Analyst, says tries to push Vista in front of XP with the SP 3 delay, since the major update would certainly slow Vista sales (customers trust XP more than they trust Vista, according to Acer's president Gianfranco Lanci).

Although Microsoft’s recent financial reports indicate that the 13% increase in revenues registered in the first quarter of 2007 (compared to the same period last year), is mainly due to the strong sales of Windows Vista, the company also claims that Windows XP-related revenues are expected to rise beyond expectations.

Chris Liddell, MS’s chief financial officer, estimated during a meeting with analysts that XP will generate 22% of the company’s revenues in the new fiscal year, up from the previously anticipated 15%. But that means that Vista’s remaining 78% are actually inferior to the internal estimates which indicated that 85% of all Windows-related revenues will be generated by the new OS.

"Part of the problem is that users prefer lower-cost machines that might not work well with Vista", Michael Cherry, analyst with Directions at Microsoft, said.

Microsoft cuts Xbox 360 price to $349

Wednesday - Media reported that Microsoft cuts the price of the Xbox 360 to follow Sony's move last month of reducing the price of its core console PlayStation.

On Tuesday Microsoft has announced that it would cut $50 from the price of the most popular model of the console, to $349. Two other configurations of the Xbox 360 will be cut by $20 and $30.

U.S. retailers nationwide - The Xbox's price cut started Wednesday , in anticipation for the NFL franchise (EA's craved sequel), Madden NFL 08. The game will debut on 14th of August and is expected to boost sales for the Xbox 360, because of the immense popularity that Madden NFL enjoys in the U.S. Madden NFL 08 has also been chosen as the best sports game at this year's E3, receiving the Game Critics Award.

The decision to cut the price of this game console reflects slowing momentum for a product that plays a key role in the company’s broader consumer strategy, according to analysts.

The Xbox leads a three-way competition with Sony's more expensive PlayStation 3 and Nintendo cheaper their game console (Nintendo Wii).

"The new prices, combined with upcoming releases, are likely to boost sales" Observers said.

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AJAX is for future of your website. ( Include Tutorial Part I )

AJAX is new technology.

Do you have the blogger account ? you have felt to marvel when adding element or on file article moment automatically as draft of posting. That's AJAX.

According to us, AJAX is a new tehnology where permitting web developers , to developing application based web and to provide a new level of interactivity to their applications.

The term AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) was coined by Jesse James Garrett in his article entitled "Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications".The introduction of Maps and Suggest by Google demonstrated that these methodologies were not only useful, but could work across multiple browsers and were within the reach of the smaller developer.

On the client side, AJAX uses the XMLHTTP object (introduced by Microsoft in Internet Explorer 4.0 and subsequently implemented by the Mozilla Foundation in Firefox, AOL in Netscape, and Opera in the Opera Browser) to retrieve an HTML or XML document from the server. On the server side, AJAX can be as simple or as complex as the developer wants.
How does it works ?
AJAX is programming display events. User is interactivity with these events.And then call functions associated to elements of the web page With forms and buttons, interactivity is achieved. To extract data from XML files provided by server, DOM allows to link elements of this page with actions.

XMLHTTPRequest provide two methods to get data on the server.

- open : Open HTTP connections or create a connections.
- send : Send HTTP request to the server.

Server response a data, and will be found in the attributes of the XMLHTTPRequest object :

- responseXML : Get response body for XML file or
- responseText : Get response body for text file.

For each new file to load XMLHTTPRequest object has to be created.
To process that, we have to wait for the data to be made available. XMLHTTPRequest attribute, readyState give the status of is availibility of data.

AJAX tutorial ( this tutorial is for web developer / programmer )

Before you begin this tutorial, you have to learn about class of XMLHTTPRequest(). DOM technique, and XML programming. And, of course server language knowledge. ( On this tutorial, I use PHP )

XMLHTTPRequest() has 8 attributes :

1. readyState
Get ready state. The code successively changes value from 0 to 4 that means for "ready".
States of readyState follow (only the last one is really useful):
0: not initialized.
1: connection established.
2: request received.
3: answer in process.
4: finished.

2. status
Get HTTP status code.
200 is OK.
404 if the page is not found.

3. responseText
Get response body. Holds loaded data as a string of characters.

4. responseXml
Get response body but as XML. Holds an XML loaded file, DOM's method allows to extract data.

5. onreadystatechange
Register a complete event handler. Property that takes a function as value that is invoked when
the readystatechange event is dispatched.

6. responseBody
Get response body as variant.

7. responseStream.
Get response body as variant.

8. statusText
Get HTTP status text. Like status method, but text response
200 is "OK".
404 is "Not Found".

To be continued to AJAX tutorial part II .....
Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Create your cool button on your blog ( or site ).

Do you want to have the cool button picture for your blog or your website ? you can try to make the cool button at This button type also called web 2.0 button.

Way of making your cool button is enough easy ,
enough to chosen the colour for your button, size measure you button, text to be presented in your cool button. And then, the button is laready to use.

website screenshot

>If have nicely, you can sav
e your cool button as *.png format.

Please visit website :
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