Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Windows XP Production will end on 31 January 2008

The proper OEM license offer of Windows XP ends with 08 year 1 end of the month, also production of XP loading PC with the manufacturer ends.

Again Microsoft 22nd of August, when it ends on 2008 January 31st, announced the proper OEM license offer of Windows XP. From Windows Vista sale it hits 1 years, later it means that also production of XP loading PC ends at the same day.

 It offers the DSP edition which can be purchased at the PC part store and the like, to January 31st of 09.

 End to November of last year where for the enterprise of XP as for volume license offer, for the enterprise of Vista sale starts already. But with investigation of the investigation company, as for the worldwide share of Vista 3% vis-a-vis not passing strongly, as for XP being a difference preponderantly 87% as still is the present condition. The needs to XP which operates lightly even with cheap PC are deep-rooted.

 The support period which can procure the security correction program of XP gratuitously to 2014 April. At the beginning, the support of XP Home Edition and Media Center Edition was schedule to April of 09, but it receives the demand where the Japanese market is strong, as Professional there are the details which are extended to the same period.
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