Saturday, August 18, 2007

UNI - New Inovation, Expandable Computer Concept

UNI is a innovative modern computer concept. The concept is designed by Richard Choi. In UNI, every importart functional part of the PC was separated and broke up into several modules. If you want to upgrading computer, you must to do buy the required modules and plug them near existing modules. The designer, Richard Choi has also named each module with an easy to name that all people understand with that name. For example, the “THINK” module is as changes for processor. And the “STORE” module is the hard drive.

UNI allow digital signals to be transferred via normal household powerlines at 200Mbps. That mean UNI takes advantage of the Network HomePlug and wireless USB technologies. The Wireless USB also have different connectivity, the wireless USB have 480Mbps data transfer rate.

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