Friday, August 10, 2007

GDrive - New File Storage By Google

The rumors over the storage service from Google called GDrive are true. GDrive Launched this morning, this service allows users with Google accounts to purchase added storage after the combined space from Google Picasa (1 GB) and GMail (2.8 GB) is filled. After Microsoft launched a new name for their storage service called Windows Skydrive, the announcement from the Picasa team on the Google blog .

The paid space services are impressive for the cost. The cost starting at $20 per year for 6 GB of storage, users can access almost 10 GB of space for their online account.

Google's Ryan Aquino said “As someone who tests Google products daily, I know that the simplest solution is often the one that works best,”. “In the case of online storage, whether it's a picture, a video or an email, you should just, well, be able to store it without having to worry about whether you've got enough space in each particular product. That's why the Picasa team is pleased to tell you that ,....., we'll be rolling out extra storage that you can purchase to use across several Google products.”

GMail uses Infinity+1 (a program from Google); which is their way of offering unlimited storage for email. Currently, GMail accounts allow 2887 MB of storage, and the counter on Google continues to rise. The new GDrive service is expected to function more for the Google Apps part of the hosted services in the future, but Google said that users could apply the space to E-mail for now. Along with the 6 GB option for $20, Google also offers 25GB for $75 annually, 100GB for $250, and 250GB for $500.

There are some questions as to why Google has offered this. While currently aimed at GMail and Picasa users, and later expected to address storage for Google Apps users, the new service isn’t really offering much value according to critics. “While this plan may be just peachy for hard core Google folks, those of us that use Gmail as a secondary account are left scratching our collective heads–especially if you use Yahoo,” said Larry Dignan reporter for ZD Net.

After ten years, Yahoo started offering unlimited email storage. However, they reserve the right to cancel accounts used purely for storage. Several technology watchers noted when Yahoo offered “unlimited storage” and Google offered Infinity+1 that the cost of storage had dropped. Do the new offerings for paid storage mean that the cost has risen again?

“As a customer I really don’t see the value. For $500 I could forgo the Google storage and buy one of those snazzy Seagate drives. At that price, I could also explore a service like Amazon’s S3. The benefit to both the Amazon and Seagate solutions: I wouldn’t be dependent on Google,” added Dignan.

The benefit for Google users, might appear over time, or maybe not. More information is under your account tab, after you login to Google.
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