Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Nokia connect to FIBA

JENEWA - Nokia dan Federation Internasional Basketball has cooporated creating service with topics FIBA on ponsel. All related to FIBA included in there are match event for a year about to in Nokia phones and will pulicating on site.

This mobile content service can enjoyed on any device communication, as long as that device have an Internet connection. Thus Nokia will give mobile video's experience more user friendly. Besides match game, other contents is news, the results of the game, even can interview with players everywhere and everytime as long as they want it.

"We are very contended cooporate with FIBA for make possible the global basketball lover community in orther that always to know development blooming for this sport pass through with our contents," said director of Nokia Multimedia , tuesday (7/8/2007).

FIBA's side admited very impressed with video's appearance on Nokia' screen that qualified. Like Nokia N93 that very ideal for directly report about basketball news or interviews the player or with coach by that multimedia communication device.

For form of cooporate, Nokia will prepare some N93 units for recording device in reports every FIBA's event. With qualified results of recording, in video, photo and audio, then that content have the right to included on a site dedicated for FIBA.
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