Wednesday, August 1, 2007

O2 Cocoon - Naturally Design For Musical Phone

Cocoon, Mobile Phone, Gadget, O2Design is very important for Mobile Phone. Usually, people like the minimalist design. Don't worry O2 releases O2 Cocoon. O2 Cocoon with clamshell is designed by Syntes Studio, Stockholm.

O2 Cocoon has many feature, like music feature : MP3 player, FM radio, O2 Cocoon library which can store about 500 high quality tracks, Play music for up to 15 hours and etc.

O2 Cocoon has preloaded games with tetris, The Sims 2 Pets and Ice Hockey. Media storage type is Memory stick, Bluetooth and USB is for easily to move your documents, image, music and videos beetween your computer and O2 Cocoon.

For software, O2 Cocoon support
PC Suite, Windows Media Player 11 and QuickTime - Use for see video and music.

With good musical feature and inovative design, Cocoon is for fashion students and musicians who like Something original, emotional, Something more natural and function prefectly.
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