Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Orange Wind Charger - Charge Your Mobile Phone With the Wind

Orange Wind Charger, Charger, Wind
Power is important to all mobile phone device. Scientist develop other alternative power. Every mobile phone vendor give you other alternative charge to your mobile device. What the best power to charge your mobile devices when you travelling in jungle ?. Its answer is Gotwind.

Gotwind releases A portable charger called Orange Wind Charger. This charger use a wind to collect a power. With 12 m.p.h wind, a turbine will produce about 0,5 watt. It mean ready for mobile phone device and
fully charged within 1-2 hours(dependent on phone manufacture).

This charger is a concept, but will be produce quickly for public uses. So, you can charge your mobile phone everywhere. However, a wind is needed.

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