Thursday, September 6, 2007

Apple presents new iPod touch

Apple ( presented the new on 5 September in the Moscone center in San Francisco iPod touch with the revolutionary Multi touch user surface. it with a finger contact makes, music possible, to enjoy videos and more on an impressing broad picture display. iPod touch has WLAN - for the first time in one iPod - as well as three applications, which use it: Safari, the highly developed Browser for mobile devices to represent around wirelessly web pages as on the computer and Internet with Google the search or Yahoo! to scan oneSearch. iPod touch is unbelievable 8 mm thin.

With its brilliant 3,5-Zoll broad picture broad is perfect iPod touch, in order to show Movies and television sequences, photos and album Cover. iPod touch has an integrated acceleration sensor, which registers automatically, if it is turned in the landscape format. When playing music it changes automatically on Cover flow, with which the music collection can be paged through on the basis the album Cover by fingers. During the rendition of photos these are represented automatically in the landscape format, web pages horizontal. iPod touch possesses an environment photosensor, which adapts the brightness of the display automatically. iPod touch audio up to 22 hours and video can show up to five hours.

The new iPod touch will be available in the run this monthly. 8 GB the model becomes for 299 euro inclusive VAT. and 16 GB model the VAT inclusive for 399 euro. available its.
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