Saturday, September 1, 2007

Customize your notebook pc with any paintjob

Oscar Zapata has launched a company called NVousPC company. Former engineer of Alienware has come up with his own idea. That idea is customizing people's Laptops with any image or color paint they want. You can make a really eye-catching gadget with your laptop.

With that you can choose to paint different parts of your laptop differently. Just choose a part you want to customize and then choose what you want to do, you also can customize bottom. You not only can change the color of your notebook you also can upload your own images to be printed on your notebook on their website and they will do that for you.

There are 2 ways to customizing your laptop. First of them is that you can buy one from them and order what paint job you want to be done. Their laptops' price tags start at $9. The other way is to send them your old piece and customize it in any way you want it. Customization prices start at $6.

If you interest that you can order one.

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