Tuesday, October 16, 2007

GPS watch to enjoying in/outdoor exercises

Westech Korea showcased its wrist watch type GPS ‘Pyxis’ during Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2007(Autumn Edition, booth No. Expo Drive Hall EDG27).

With its stored databases of various exercise courses for marathon, hike and walk, you can check the courses you go and set an exercise schedule in advance. The GPS watch displays your exercising information like elapsed time, speed, distance and consumed calories while you exercise. The exercise details on each lap can be saved up to 2,000 showing your max speed per lap and update of the course information is also available.

The Pyxis can work as your golf guide; it displays the distance to the green as well as your driving distance with information in the holes including hazards details like bunkers and waters. Not only current golf scores and trails while golfing but saved scores and trails are displayed on the device.

You can also utilize it when you do indoor exercises; consumed calories during indoor exercises will be displayed with elapsed time. Car GPS function is offered as well.
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